About Us

Myers Cave Resort

Enrapture our one-of-a-kind waterfront family-friendly lodge and cottages. Myers Cave Resort is a historic, instagrammable property located 2 hours from Toronto, Ottawa and 3 hours from Montreal. The main lodge has 7 rooms and can accommodate groups of 16; with an adjacent suite for 2. All our charming cottages, with scenic decks where you can just relax or barbecue, can sleep 4-6. Our sandy beach property also has an outdoor temperature-regulated swimming pool and hot tub. Myers Cave Resort is a fully-renovated lodge and cottages with private beach access, stunning lake views and chic amenities. We are looking forward to welcoming you.

Who We Are & What We Believe In

Fifteen years ago we started a search for who we are and what we believe in. Our story is not different from many people who went searching for the pot of gold, only to realize that the pot of gold was actually in their backyard. We travelled, and spent the best years of our lives looking for more; we lived a stress-filled heavy work life away from every beauty that nature had to offer. We chased pot of gold after pot of gold, never reaching that moment of happiness that we hoped for. Our search took us around the world where we lived every form of luxury that a person can dream of. We sipped coffee with gold dust rimmed-cups, and drank wines from goblets with diamond studs. One day, we looked at that life that we lived, and felt empty at heart. And so a new search began.

Our Journey

A search that led us to a remote little place called Myers Cave that told a story of a man who, just like us, had his share of searching for the pot of gold, only to never survive to enjoy it. In that search we found ourselves again, in the beautiful running rapids, and the tranquil lake; in the changing fall colors and the cottage life. Now, here we are the owners of our little piece of paradise, away from diamond goblets, and into lush green forests and chirping birds. Myers Cave Resort is the destination where we finally found home.

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Mon. – Sat. : 7 AM – 11 PM
Sun. : 7 AM – 11 PM
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2471 Hwy 506, Cloyne,
ON, K0H 1K0